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TSE is a full-service electrical and communications technology systems engineering firm. We provide design engineering and construction management services to public and private sector clients, delivering design/build support and comprehensive design services during construction of transportation and facility systems for large-scale infrastructure projects. 
In partnership with our clients, we leverage our expertise in systems planning, programming, design, implementation, testing, commissioning, and start-up. We develop drawings, specifications, and provide other consulting services such as reports, schedules, and cost estimates. Our seasoned engineering staff prepares drawings for equipment layouts, raceway systems, and cabling including power, controls, Fiber Optic and Ethernet Data. 
Utilizing our vast experience in designing complex transit systems since 1999, we deliver clients in multiple industries versatile solutions through collaboration, innovative systems design, and an array of world-class technology management solutions. 

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TSE Solutions


Our highly experienced engineers specialize in the expert integration of Systems, Verification & Validation, Field Testing, 

Commissioning, System-to-System, and System-to-Infrastructure.


TSE provides its clients comprehensive analyses of a range of project details: Transit Designs, Special 

Requirements, Contracts, 

Train Control and Signals, DC Electrification and Communications Technology.


Our systematic design approach ensures that systems are built in compliance with client requirements, are within budget and are fully integrated into existing systems.


Construction and Program Management services by TSE go beyond just client needs. We also adhere to industry standards, regulations and best practices.  


We offer a range support services for all your transit needs. We manage contract documents, training materials, manuals, testing procedures and systems engineering reports.


TSE promotes a healthy and dynamic balance between human and natural resources. We incorporate sustainable, eco-conscious practices in the engineering design cycle and business operations.

For design-build projects, TSE provides expertise in design and execution. We manage projects from crafting project scope and contract agreements, to pre-construction and all processes until project completion.

We design engineering solutions that incorporate Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software applications to enhance safety, efficiency and the overall rider experience.


Recognizing that TSE’s primary services are very technologically specialized, we offer training programs, formal and informal for our employees, featuring a well-rounded series subjects.

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Meet the TSE Team

The TSE team of world-class transit engineering professionals is ready to provide your project a one-stop shop for Transit Systems Solutions. Our experts – from our headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area to satellite offices nationwide – can assist you in all your rail systems engineering needs.