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Systems Integration

TSE delivers all the necessary elements of a fully integrated transit systems. Our experienced engineers specialize in the integration of Communication, Power, Signal and Facility Systems, featuring Verification and Validation, Field Testing, Commissioning, System-to-System, and System-to-Infrastructure integrations.

Rail and Bus transit are the sum of numerous interactive systems that must work in sync to ensure optimal performance. As a result, TSE focuses on making sure each system within a project is designed with not only its own functionality in mind, but also that of every other system and their interactions. 

TSE has great experience designing, implementing and testing supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems that have been integrated into a diverse range of transit projects. Our solutions have been deployed in a variety of transit wayside facilities including stations, train control houses, traction power and electrical substations, tunnels/vent structures and maintenance facilities.


Our programmable logic controllers (PLCs) typically communicate bi-directionally over a fiber network with multiple graphical workstations located in the associated transit control center. This provides operators with real-time notification of equipment status and manual control of specific equipment. Through our cost-efficient, reliable and advanced technical solutions integrated into transit systems, TSE's SCADA systems have enhanced safety and security, improved operational efficiency and improved the overall rider experience.

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