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Sustainability& Equity Commitment

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TSE is committed to being a business firm that promotes a desirable, healthy and dynamic balance between human and natural resources, and that incorporates environmentally sustainable practices in the engineering design cycle and business operations. TSE’s commitment to sustainability extends throughout all phases of the engineering consulting services and we are an APTA Sustainable Commitment Signatory. Sustainability is a broad value-based subject that means a lot of things to different companies. At TSE, we conduct technical and business operations that are customer-driven with sustainable practices.  As a result, our work products and activities are subject to a higher standard of performance because of “future” factors.

Equity and Sustainability go hand in hand. By promoting equity of opportunity and treatment to all of TSE's stakeholders, both internal and external, we are helping build a sustaining workforce and projects that will benefit humankind.

TSE's efforts to promote these values include:

  • Designs Promoting Local Economy

  • DBE Commitment

  • SBE Partnership

  • Team Diversity

  • Local Project Stakeholder Participation

  • Career Events and Job Fairs

  • Worker Training and Development

  • Mentorship

  • ADA Commitment

  • Inclusive Team Culture

  • Customer-Centric Focus

  • Youth Scholarships

  • Woman & Minority-Owned Experience

Our firm's history is rooted in promoting equity and diversity. TSE began as a DBE, and Armand Consulting Inc., a division of TSE, was founded by a woman and also graduated from DBE status. In addition, we value diversity at every level within the company, from executive leadership to administrative
team members.

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