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Quality Assurance &
Quality Control

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TSE has developed a Quality System Management Plan (QSMP) that describes the overall quality process and quality-related responsibilities of TSE and its sub-consultants. This document describes the structured and documented management system describing the policies, objective principles, organizational authority, responsibilities, accountability, and implementation plan for ensuring quality in its processes, work products, and services. This QSMP is based on the applicable fifteen elements of the FTA Quality Management System Guidelines (FTA-PA-27-5194-12.1), Dec 2012, and is an internally approved document.


TSE’s Systems Leader is responsible for establishing, supporting, and ensuring that all production activities are performed in accordance with the procedures detailed in the QSMP, as well as, the maintenance of the QSMP. The Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) organization is independent of production, and is responsible for the establishment,

implementation, verification, and training of all TSE staff on the requirements of the QSMP.


Under this policy, everyone on the production team is accountable for the quality of its products and services.


In keeping with the stated policy that quality is the responsibility of every member of the TSE team, primary responsibility for quality of technical production is that of the Project Manager (PM) who has the responsibility and the defined authority to ensure that the quality policy is applied to every project under their control.


The QA/QC organization consists of persons responsible for the quality assurance and quality control functions independent from the actual production activities.


The QSMP is a process tool that ensures consistent implementation of the QA/QC functions on every project and does not replace the sound judgment and experience of competent professionals.

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