SCADA Solutions

LA Metro Foothill Yard.png

TSE's engineering team has over 20 years of experience designing, implementing and testing supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems on a diverse range of transit projects. TSE's solutions have been deployed in a variety of transit wayside facilities including stations, train control houses, traction power and electrical substations, tunnels/vent structures and maintenance facilities.


In addition to local workstations for operations and maintenance, our SCADA programmable logic controllers (PLCs) typically communicate bi-directionally over a fiber network with multiple graphical workstations located in the associated transit control center. This provides operators with real-time notification of equipment status and manual control of specific equipment.


Through our cost-efficient, reliable and advanced technical solutions, TSE's SCADA systems have enhanced safety and security, improved operational efficiency and improved the overall rider experience.

SCADA projects that TSE has worked on include:

  • BART — Warm Springs Extension

  • BART — Hayward Yard Central Warehouse

  • BART — Hayward Yard Substation F

  • BART — West Dublin/Pleasanton Extension

  • LA METRO — Expo Line Extension

  • LA METRO — Foothill Yard Control Project

  • North County Transit District — SPRINTER Rail System