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TSE's Work on BART Upgrade to Improve Commuter Experience

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

The engineering team at Transit Systems Engineering (TSE) is hard at work on a Bay Area Rapid Transit project that is expected to make the region's commuting run more smoothly and efficiently to the benefit of millions of BART commuters.

Ever since voters approved the so-called "Measure RR" project in 2017 to fund $3.5 billion in BART system upgrades, TSE's expert team has been dedicated to providing engineering design services for the replacement of traction power and related systems for BART's MacArthur, Ashby and North Berkeley Substations.

TSE's detailed engineering design for these facilities includes equipment layout, single line diagrams, meter and relay diagrams, circuit routing, conduit and cable tray layouts, grounding, temporary power and demolition/construction plans.

According to TSE's Sr. Vice President and Operations Manager, Paul Van Der Wel, the high-profile transit project is operating right on schedule and is poised to make a substantially positive impact on the community.

"TSE is excited to be actively progressing the traction power facility replacement designs included in Measure RR," says Van Der Wel. "Completion of this work will increase BART's capacity to run more trains during commute hours. More trains will equate to an improved commuter experience due to shorter wait times for trains to arrive, and trains that are not as crowded."

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area city of Emeryville, with satellite offices nationwide, TSE is a global provider of transit system solutions. You can learn about several other TSE projects here.


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