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TSE Team

Meet Some Key TSE Team Members

TSE Founder Alberto Fernandez

Alberto Fernandez


"I am proud of the innovative technological solutions and diverse range of large-scale rail transit projects TSE has completed since we began in 1997. Our experienced TSE team is world-class and dedicated to quality, integrity, safety and on-time delivery of high-end engineering solutions."

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Kate Zong

Sr. Systems Engineer

Kate possesses nearly ten years of progressive experience in Engineering and Project Management in the transportation industry. She combines efficiency, creativity and safety in engineering design with effective project management skills and leadership qualities to support multi-billion-dollar capital projects.

Walter Stamirowski TSE Engineer

Walter has over 40 years of relevant hands-on systems design and construction management experience on Class 1 railroads, heavy rail, light rail and DMU rail transit projects. An expert in QA/QC procedures, Walt brings a breadth of experience and knowledge to every project.

Walter Stamirowski

Sr. Prog. Manager/Systems Engineer

Mario Cabael TSE Engineer
Dorian Rufus TSE Engineer
David Coury TSE Enginner

Mario Cabael

Traction Power Engineer

Dorian Rufus

Sr. Signal Engineer

David Coury

Sr. Signal & Systems Engineer

Mario has over 45 years of transit engineering experience and 12 years of experience with TSE serving as Project Engineer, Lead Traction Power Engineer, and Field Support Engineer. He has participated on two of the three BART extensions projects: DPX and CSX.

Dorian has over 17 years experience in control and signaling design, construction and testing on rail projects nationwide. Among his several transit projects, he helped design train control for the Warm Springs BART extension, a Design/Build contract conforming to  new BART standards.  

David has over 38 years experience in transit engineering and management, specializing in signaling design and procurement through all phases, as well as comprehensive review of testing reports and results. His expertise includes design of advanced communications-based train control systems and integration of those systems.

Brian Seamount TSE

Brian Seamount

Sr. Project Manager/Engineer

Brian brings over 30 years experience to TSE, with knowledge of the transit systems industry including alternative delivery methods (Design/Build, Bid/Build, CM/GC) and project implementation experience on rail transit systems – BART, Caltrain, Sacramento RT and SFMTA.

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Kenneth Baker

Sr. Director, Development

Kenneth brings his nearly 30 years of  experience in marketing, communications and business development to every project. With an expertise in proposal development, project management and technical documentation writing and review, he complements TSE's engineering team. He is a graduate of Columbia University (M.S.) and Colgate University (B.S.), majoring in Geoscience. 

Patrick Tran TSE Engineer

Patrick Tran

Sr. Signal Engineer

Patrick has over 20 years of professional engineering experience in train control systems for heavy rail transit systems with specialization in design, equipment construction, computer hardware and software development, construction management, testing, commissioning, inspecting, and placing train control systems into revenue service.

Stephen Falk TSE

Stephen Falk

Sr. Programmer/Signal Engineer

Stephen has over 22 years of professional engineering and management experience in train control and rail transit systems, specializing in design, hardware and software development, construction management, testing, commissioning, train control systems into revenue service.

Jerry Furman

Program Manager

Jerry has 28 years experience working on a diverse array of nationwide transit system projects, as a designer, integrator and contractor. He has managed multi-discipline projects from preliminary design through testing, startup and commissioning. Projects include: LAX Expo, BART to SFO, BART to San Jose (Berryessa Extension). 


Brendan Doss

Sr. Project Manager

Brendan has 38 years of experience in Engineering Design, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Systems, Software Applications Development, and Computer Networking, integrating multi-vendor technologies into automated systems.

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Forrest Erickson

Sr. Systems Engineer

Forrest is an experienced Electrical Engineer with over 10 years of experience in the rail transit industry, specializing in communications systems. He is highly skilled in AutoCAD, Computer-Aided Design (CAD), 3D Design using BIM/SolidWorks, Systems Engineering and Six Sigma.

TErry Thoene TSE.jpeg

Terry Thoene

Sr. Project Manager

Terry has over 19 years of experience in Project Management, Systems Integration, Systems Engineering and Design and installation oversight in multiple facets of the communications and rail industry. 

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Mike Kozlowski

Sr. Communications Engineer

Mike has 30 years experience in wireless communications, regulatory engineering, project and personnel management, and technical consulting. Recent projects include: San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency’s (SFMTA) legacy communications systems, within the MUNI Metro Subway, and CTA.

TSE Engineer Kevin Nishinaga

Kevin Nishinaga

Sr. Systems Engineer

Kevin has extensive engineering experience in automated public transportation: Train control software design specifications, field testing CBTC systems, and analyses for advanced transit corridor studies. Kevin is also a recognized expert in vehicle control software and vehicle-based switching.

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Abhinav TSE.jpeg

Vivek Veeraganti

Traction Power Engineer

Abhinav Durgapathi

Train Control Engineer

Vivek has over 5 years of experience as a professional engineer with a specialization in traction power for rail transit applications. He has worked extensively on BART projects and has extensive engineering background in various mass transportation projects focusing on power supply and SCADA solutions.

Abhinav has a background in CBTC Systems, Automatic Train Supervision, Communications and Station Operations. He has coordinated cross-functional projects involving signaling, communications and construction. He has worked on projects for SFMTA, BART and TTC.

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