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Amid COVID-19 Crisis, TSE Program Supports Local Businesses

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

During these difficult times, TSE is extremely fortunate to be in an essential industry where it can continue to operate. Many small businesses, particularly restaurants and bars, are being severely affected by the pandemic. Many restaurants have had to close operations and some are surviving solely on takeout and delivery.

As a result, TSE has launched a program that reimburses its employees up to $100 a month spent on any takeout or delivery from a local establishment.

"This is not just happening in the Bay Area, but in each community that we work in throughout the United States," says TSE Sr. Vice President and Operations Manager Paul Van Der Wel. "We want to do our part to assist our neighborhood businesses amid this crisis."

TSE founder Alberto Fernandez adds, "In an effort to try and give back, TSE wants to encourage and assist employees in supporting those that are impacted most."

The TSE program began on April 1st and has already injected several thousand dollars into local businesses.

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area city of Emeryville, with satellite offices nationwide, TSE is a global provider of transit and facility system engineering solutions.


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