Committed to finishing the project with minimum impact to revenue service and schedule.

BART - Oakland Shops - New Spur Track, Oakland, CA

TSE is providing design services for the new rail spur track at the BART Oakland Shops (OKS) as part of its Earthquake Safety Program. TSE, Inc., is working in conjunction with BKF Engineers, Inc. to provide design services for the new spur track that will facilitate complex staging and loading of rail transported gear and materials necessary for trackside projects. This spur track requires a rearrangement of some of the facilities and track at OKS and regrading of part of the site access road. The specific location of the work is at and near the Oakland Shops located at the intersection of 5th Avenue and 8th Street in Oakland and includes the Oakland shops site, main line and existing spur tracks between the Mileposts listed below.

SFMTA - Integrated Human Machine Interface (IHMI)  – San Francisco, CA

TSE collaborated with San Francisco Municipal Transit Authority (SFMTA) to design and implement a new Integrated Human Machine Interface (IHMI) system for its new Transportation Management Center (TMC). The new TMC is a state-of-the-art facility that will replace the SFMTA’s outdated Operations Control Center (OCC) as its primary control center and will combine all of SFMTA’s control functions, which are currently dispersed across the city. The IHMI will be a key integral part of the new TMC and will allow for the integration of additional systems in the future. Initial features of the IHMI will include Security Monitoring, Line Management Systems, Transit Public Information, Facility SCADA, ATCS, Motive Power SCADA, and Traffic Management.

Sound Transit – University Link Light Rail - U830 Extension Project – Seattle, WA

The U830 project (part of the University Link project) consists of approximately three miles of double-track Light Rail Transit (LRT) line beginning at the east end of the Pine Street Tunnel in Downtown Seattle and includes two new stations, one at Capitol Hill and one at the University of Washington. TSE is aiding LK Comstock National Transit, Inc. in the development and preparation of comprehensive Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Manuals, Testing Plans and Procedures, and Training Manuals for the following Communication Systems: Field Control Systems, PA/VMS, Network, Telephone, Access Control, CCTV,

CHICAGO TRANSIT AUTHORITY (CTA) - Red-Purple Bypass & the Lawrence to Bryn Mawr Modernization Projects – Chicago, IL

The overall project is located within the City of Chicago in Cook County, Illinois, approximately four miles north of the Loop (downtown Chicago). It is divided in two separate segments. The first segment extends approximately 0.3 miles from north of the Belmont Station (Clark Junction) to south of the Addison station, and from just east of Southport Station to Clark Junction; the second segment extends from south of the Lawrence station at Leland Avenue to north of the Bryn Mawr station at Hollywood Avenue. TSE, working together with TY Lin International Inc., is responsible for the design of the Communications System, and other services which include the CCTV System and other critical components for this modernization project.

BART - Warm Springs Extension – Fremont, CA

The BART Warm Springs Extension will add 5.2-miles of new track from the existing Fremont Station, southward to a new station in the Warm Springs District in the City of Fremont. Transit Systems Engineering (TSE Inc.) is a major subconsultant on the General Engineering Consultant Team providing overall design and design management of the extension (including preparation of bid documents) and system design. TSE provided support including: develop the train control and communications interface systems, providing ATC system block design, design services for BART communications systems. TSE also provided design and other support services during the construction phase of the project.

SFMTA – Integrated Systems Replacement (ISR) Project – San Francisco, CA

Along with the implementation of a new Transportation Management Center (TMC), many of the existing communication systems in the current Control Center and existing Metro subway are being upgraded or replaced. The SFMTA Metro Subway includes nine underground passenger stations. TSE is responsible for design deliverables for the replacement systems which include: communications systems, construction management/support services. In addition, TSE prepared an inventory of existing systems and a Conceptual Engineering Report (CER) which emphasized minimal disruption to current operations. The CER was reviewed and signed off by the various Operations and Maintenance Departments as well as SFMTA Management to indicate concurrence with design concepts and scope.